Phonak Hearing Aid

Phonak is one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers with a very large international presence. Despite their size, Phonak remains committed to providing quality service and products to its customers. Their presence in over 100 countries around the world ensures that when people are looking to regain their hearing, Phonak will be there for them.

Phonak Baseo Hearing Aid

You are sure to get the value of your money while buying this Hearing Aid. Phonak Baseo Hearing Aids are extremely robust in design and so does it cost economical for people like staying under a budget. This device is extremely reliable and is ideal for better sound quality. It is simple yet is effective as it has been provided a great balance of performance and affordability. You would love considering this option as this is one great ideal choice.

Phonak Audeo hearing Aid Series

The type of hearing environment you are in is not meant to be constant and it is challenging to actually cope up with every kind of environment with bad hearing. Phonak Audeo Hearing Aid actually adjusts according to the environment you are in giving you a clear and focus speech understanding experience. The operating system of this device is meant to work at all kinds of environments and it sends speech from one ear to another.

Phonak Bolero hearing Aid

Hearing aids are actually expensive and the resources needed to keep them going are an add on to the expense. Hence, users might be actually wanting to invest in a device that would keep them company for a long time. Phonak Bolero hearing Aid is embedded with the latest high-performance technology and a pleasing and robust design. It adapts according to the time of the environment, giving you a seamless hearing experience all the time while being a reliable device.

Phonak Naida Hearing Aid

Hearing aids vary for people suffering from different types of hearing loss and this device is compatible for people who are suffering from profound hearing loss. The device is actually small but its capability of increasing audibility of high pitch sounds is splendid. For people who are in need of powerful performing devices, Phonak Naida Hearing Aid might actually be of your perfect fit. You may as well select a color as it is available in different ranges.

Phonak Compilot Hearing Aid

Phonak hearing aids can be connected to the Compilot easily with the help of Bluetooth which makes it easy for the user to listen to sounds clearly irrespective of the distance or noise. The Compilot can be connected to the various sources of audio such as cell phones, MP3 players, tablets, laptops and also computers and enjoy a stereo sound quality. You may now turn your hearing aids into a wireless headphone with the help of Phonak TVLink.

Phonak Virto hearing Aid

Loss of hearing is a result of different circumstances for different people and hence in order to meet the diversified needs of people and to let them carry on with their lives, we have come up with a hearing aid which is made with Biometric Calibration, wherein an individual’s ear anatomy is taken into consideration which would sort out their distinctive needs. Also, the aid is custom made, which is as per the shape of your ear.

Phonak Sky Hearing Aid

Young age is quite crucial in order to develop a sense of speaking in children and also to help them learn the combination of various words. Hence, children with hearing loss are much more in need of extra assistance in order to extract the full potential off them. Phonak Sky Hearing Aid model is actually for such children, in order to help them pick up on the communication. This aid is also designed in a way attractive for the children as it comes in many colors.

About Phonak Company

Phonak is a Swiss-based company and is widely regarded as the leading producer of digital hearing aids and associated accessories. They have a large share of the hearing aid market. Phonak offers the most modern and innovative hearing aids that come with unprecedented performance, control convenience, and easy access. They have received many awards for providing quality hearing aids, from the Red Dot Award and the Medical Design Excellence Award to the Sports Match Special Award and even one in Good Housekeeping.

Phonak's products range from fully digital models exploiting microprocessor data technologies to analog models offering programming flexibility to you so that you can accentuate a particular channel as well as bandwidth. These hearing aids essentially function as in-the-ear microprocessors or sound equalizers to enrich your listening. Adjusting to your requirements is simple with a sophisticated design; it is easy as well as practical. These latest improvements in hearing aids make adapting to the use of audio technology a fun experience and a much more realistic proposition.

The main styles that are available are Phonak behind the ear (BTE), Phonak in the canal (ITC), Phonak in the ear (ITE), and Phonak completely in the canal (CIC).

Phonak Hearing systems are certainly some of the best in the world at the same time it is always advisable to check out the specifications and capabilities of the other leading Hearing Aids Manufactures.

Phonak Hearing Aid Price List in India

Product Name Price Approx.
Phonak Naida V 90 UP/SP/RIC Hearing Aid Rs. 2,00,000
Phonak RIC Hearing Aid Rs. 22,000
Phonak Naida Fifty UP BTE Hearing Aid Pc Rs. 31,131
Phonak V90 Audio Hearing Aid Pc Rs. 1,87,500
Phonak Audeo B90 -312T RIC Hearing Aid Rs. 2,30,000
Virto Q50 nano IIC Phonak Hearing Aid Rs. 56,599
Phonak Q90 Sky QM 13 Hearing Aid Rs. 1,49,103
Phonak Baseo Q5 Hearing Aid Rs. 6,500
Phonak Dalia ITC Hearing Aid Rs. 15,000

Top Suppliers and Dealers of Phonak Hearing Aid

Supplier NameCityBusiness Type
Sonova Hearing India Private Limited Mumbai Wholesaler
Saimo Import & Export New Delhi Wholesale Trader
Shri Ganpati Sales New Delhi Exporter
New Mens Hearing Aid Centre New Delhi Wholesale Trader
Waves Hearing Aid Center Hyderabad Wholesaler
Shabdham Hearing Aid Centre Chennai Wholesale Trader
Times Health Care Chandigarh Service Provider